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Jeff Atwater, in his capacity, etc.
Peter R. Brown Construction, Inc.

02/06/2013EventCase Permanent
View Voluntary Dismissal-Rule 9.350(b)-86A 02/06/2013OrderVoluntary Dismissal-Rule 9.350(b)-86A
View Motion For Voluntary Dismissal 02/05/2013MotionMotion For Voluntary Dismissal
View Grant Miscellaneous Motion-79 12/06/2012OrderGrant Miscellaneous Motion-79
View Docketing Statement 12/06/2012EventDocketing Statement
View Miscellaneous Motion 12/06/2012MotionMiscellaneous Motion
View Electronic Docketing Statement 12/05/2012OrderElectronic Docketing Statement
View Miscellaneous Order-200 12/03/2012OrderMiscellaneous Order-200
View Response 11/30/2012ResponseResponse
View Response 11/30/2012ResponseResponse
View Certificate 11/29/2012EventCertificate
View Deny Miscellaneous Motion-79A 11/28/2012OrderDeny Miscellaneous Motion-79A
View Original Petition Filed 11/27/2012PetitionOriginal Petition Filed
View SC Appl Treated as Cert-No Rcd-nonSheley-135h 11/20/2012OrderSC Appl Treated as Cert-No Rcd-nonSheley-135h
View Miscellaneous Docket Entry 11/01/2012EventMiscellaneous Docket Entry
View Miscellaneous Docket Entry 10/30/2012EventMiscellaneous Docket Entry
View Notice of Filing 10/24/2012NoticeNotice of Filing
View File Order Being Appealed 10/22/2012OrderFile Order Being Appealed
View SS-File Order Being Appealed-Crim Case 10/19/2012OrderSS-File Order Being Appealed-Crim Case
View Notice of Appeal / Acknowledgement letter 10/19/2012LetterNotice of Appeal / Acknowledgement letter
View Motion To Strike 10/19/2012MotionMotion To Strike
View Motion To Stay 10/19/2012MotionMotion To Stay
View Notice of Appeal Filed 10/19/2012NoticeNotice of Appeal Filed