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Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, LLC
State of Florida, Agency for Health etc.

07/11/2018EventWest Publishing
07/11/2018EventCase Permanent
07/11/2018Brief/RecordReturned Records
View Mandate 07/11/2018MandateMandate
View Affirmed 06/20/2018DispositionAffirmed
View OA Denied 01/25/2018OrderOA Denied
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View Appellee's Answer Brief 12/11/2017Brief/RecordAppellee's Answer Brief
View Notice 11/21/2017NoticeNotice
View NBBF Discharged 11/21/2017OrderNBBF Discharged
View Amended Initial Brief 11/13/2017Brief/RecordAmended Initial Brief
View Notice of Bad Brief-Initial Brief 11/09/2017OrderNotice of Bad Brief-Initial Brief
View Motion For Oral Argument 11/07/2017MotionMotion For Oral Argument
View Initial Brief on Merits 11/03/2017Brief/RecordInitial Brief on Merits
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View Miscellaneous Order 10/20/2017OrderMiscellaneous Order
View Grant Mot to Consolidate-Traveling Together 10/19/2017OrderGrant Mot to Consolidate-Traveling Together
View Deny Miscellaneous Motion 10/18/2017OrderDeny Miscellaneous Motion
View Deny Relinquishment of Jurisdiction 10/18/2017OrderDeny Relinquishment of Jurisdiction
View Reply 10/13/2017ResponseReply
View Motion For Reconsideration 10/13/2017MotionMotion For Reconsideration
View Deny Stay 10/11/2017OrderDeny Stay
View Response 10/11/2017ResponseResponse
View Motion To Strike 10/10/2017MotionMotion To Strike
View Docketing Statement 10/09/2017EventDocketing Statement
View Grant Substitution of Counsel 10/09/2017OrderGrant Substitution of Counsel
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View SC Why Mot Should Not Be Granted 10/03/2017OrderSC Why Mot Should Not Be Granted
View Miscellaneous Order Granting 10/03/2017OrderMiscellaneous Order Granting
View Motion To Stay 10/02/2017MotionMotion To Stay
View Miscellaneous Motion 09/29/2017MotionMiscellaneous Motion
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View Notice of Appearance 09/27/2017NoticeNotice of Appearance
09/25/2017ReceiptCase Filing Fee
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View Motion To Remand 09/22/2017MotionMotion To Remand
View Amended Notice of Appeal 09/20/2017NoticeAmended Notice of Appeal
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