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First District Court of Appeal


Florida Department of Health; Celeste Philip, M.D., in her official capacity as Secretary of Health for the State of Florida; Office of Medical Marijuana Use; and Christian Bax, in
People United for Medical Marijuana; Florida for Care, Inc.; Diana Dodson; and Catherine Jordan

View OA Granted-Tallahassee 11/19/2018OrderOA Granted-Tallahassee
View Motion For Oral Argument 10/23/2018MotionMotion For Oral Argument
View Motion For Oral Argument 10/15/2018MotionMotion For Oral Argument
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View Grant Withdrawal of Appellant's Counsel 09/05/2018OrderGrant Withdrawal of Appellant's Counsel
View Grant Answer Brief Extension 08/17/2018OrderGrant Answer Brief Extension
View Mot. for Extension of time to file Answer Brief 08/16/2018MotionMot. for Extension of time to file Answer Brief
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View Deny Certification of Cause to Supreme Ct 06/26/2018OrderDeny Certification of Cause to Supreme Ct
View Miscellaneous Order Granting 06/18/2018OrderMiscellaneous Order Granting
View NNCA - Discharge Show Cause 06/15/2018OrderNNCA - Discharge Show Cause
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View Appendix 06/13/2018Brief/RecordAppendix
View Notice Non-Compliant Appendix 06/13/2018OrderNotice Non-Compliant Appendix
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View SS Restyle of Case-General 06/12/2018OrderSS Restyle of Case-General
View SS Restyle of Case-General 06/12/2018OrderSS Restyle of Case-General
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View Motion SUGGEST T/CERT. CAUSE T/SC 06/08/2018MotionMotion SUGGEST T/CERT. CAUSE T/SC
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View SC Why Mot Should Not Be Granted 06/06/2018OrderSC Why Mot Should Not Be Granted
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View Motion For Review 06/06/2018MotionMotion For Review
View Notice of Appeal / Acknowledgement letter 05/30/2018LetterNotice of Appeal / Acknowledgement letter
View Order Appealed 05/29/2018OrderOrder Appealed
View Notice of Appeal Filed 05/29/2018NoticeNotice of Appeal Filed