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Florida Department of Health
George Hackney, Inc., d/b/a Trulieve

05/02/2019EventCase Permanent
05/02/2019Brief/RecordReturned Records
View Stipulated Dismissal-Rule 9.350(a) 05/02/2019OrderStipulated Dismissal-Rule 9.350(a)
View Motion For Stipulation of Dismissal 04/01/2019MotionMotion For Stipulation of Dismissal
03/29/2019Brief/RecordReceived Records
View Transcript Received 03/29/2019Brief/RecordTranscript Received
View Received Records 03/29/2019Brief/RecordReceived Records
View Miscellaneous Order Granting 03/27/2019OrderMiscellaneous Order Granting
View Motion To Correct the Record 03/20/2019MotionMotion To Correct the Record
View Docketing Statement 03/08/2019EventDocketing Statement
03/07/2019Brief/RecordReceived Records
View Received Records 03/07/2019Brief/RecordReceived Records
View Notice of Appeal / Acknowledgement letter 02/18/2019LetterNotice of Appeal / Acknowledgement letter
View Notice of Appeal Transmittal Form 02/18/2019NoticeNotice of Appeal Transmittal Form
View Notice of Appeal Filed 02/18/2019NoticeNotice of Appeal Filed