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Magnolia Retirement Home
State of Florida, Agency For Health Care Administration

View Dismissed 07/31/2019DispositionDismissed
View Case Permanent 07/31/2019EventCase Permanent
View Voluntary Dismissal-Rule 9.350(b) 07/31/2019OrderVoluntary Dismissal-Rule 9.350(b)
View Motion For Voluntary Dismissal 07/30/2019MotionMotion For Voluntary Dismissal
View Electronic Docketing Statement 07/26/2019OrderElectronic Docketing Statement
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View Index 06/21/2019Brief/RecordIndex
View Grant Mot Rel Jur to LT for Spec Reason 06/17/2019OrderGrant Mot Rel Jur to LT for Spec Reason
View Motion To Relinquish Jurisdiction 06/11/2019MotionMotion To Relinquish Jurisdiction
View Deny Stay 06/10/2019OrderDeny Stay
View Appendix 06/05/2019Brief/RecordAppendix
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View Miscellaneous Order 05/31/2019OrderMiscellaneous Order
View Motion To Stay 05/30/2019MotionMotion To Stay
View Miscellaneous Motion 05/30/2019MotionMiscellaneous Motion
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View Miscellaneous Order 05/29/2019OrderMiscellaneous Order
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View Notice of Appeal Filed 05/29/2019NoticeNotice of Appeal Filed