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First District Court of Appeal


VillageDPC, LLC, a Florida limited liability company
State of Florida, Department of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use

View Dismissed 07/19/2019DispositionDismissed
View Case Permanent 07/19/2019EventCase Permanent
View Voluntary Dismissal-Rule 9.350(b) 07/19/2019OrderVoluntary Dismissal-Rule 9.350(b)
View Motion For Voluntary Dismissal 07/19/2019MotionMotion For Voluntary Dismissal
View Acknowledgment of Service List 07/03/2019OrderAcknowledgment of Service List
View Docketing Statement 07/03/2019EventDocketing Statement
View Notice of Appearance 07/03/2019NoticeNotice of Appearance
View SC Why Mandamus Should not be Granted 07/03/2019OrderSC Why Mandamus Should not be Granted
View Acknowledgment of Service List 07/02/2019OrderAcknowledgment of Service List
View Notice of Appearance 07/01/2019NoticeNotice of Appearance
View Petition Mandamus / Acknowledgement letter 06/28/2019LetterPetition Mandamus / Acknowledgement letter
View Appendix 06/27/2019Brief/RecordAppendix
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