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Case No.ViewCase StyleNoteDispositionDisposition Date
16-2235 Aaron Piazza vs State of Florida Affirmed 03/15/2018
16-5673 City of Jacksonville and City of Jacksonville etc. vs Adrian O'Neal Reversed 03/15/2018
17-0248 Jennifer M. Erlinger vs Justin Federico Affirmed 03/15/2018
17-0336 Kristopher Darwin Robinson vs Sabrina K. Robinson Appellant’s motion for rehearing, clarification, and rehearing en banc is denied, but the opinion issued on January 3, 2018, is withdrawn and the following opinion is substituted in its place. Reversed 03/15/2018
17-2129 Palisades Owners' Association, Inc vs Thomas F. Browning Affirmed 03/15/2018
17-2224 Ruben Rodriguez vs Tallahassee Fire Department/ City of Tallahassee Reversed 03/15/2018